The west coast of Vancouver Island offers some of the finest birding in Canada. The total number of birds recorded here now stands at 350 species. From late April to mid-May, and again from July to October, tens of thousands of shorebirds pass through Tofino. Be prepared to be awed by the sight of 10,000 sandpipers taking wing, or by an incoming flock of Marbled Godwits bound for Alaska. All told, 44 species of waders have been recorded here, with at least 35 species passing through annually. Some, such as the Rock Sandpiper, Black Turnstone, Surfbird, Wandering Tattler, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper and Black Oystercatcher, are found only on the Pacific Coast.

Saw Whet Owl. Photo by Adrian Dorst

Saw Whet Owl. Photo by Adrian Dorst

Late spring and summer bring western specialties such as Western Tanager, Black-headed Grosbeak, Townsend's Warbler and McGillivray's Warbler. Even fall and winter can be exciting and productive, for this is when waterfowl of numerous species arrive on our mudflats by the thousands.

Your guide, Adrian Dorst, will tailor his trips to your wishes. If you prefer casual and relaxed with a pleasant walk, that will be the order of the day. If you have a list of must-see birds, then we will travel to the best locations to conduct our search, keeping in mind that many birds are seasonal and cannot be conjured up when they aren't here. Be prepared to have a lovely time and you probably will.


Single Person
Half Day $150
Full Day $200
Two People
Half Day $100 each
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About Your Guide: Adrian Dorst


Adrian Dorst has lived on the west coast since 1972. Since then he has conducted numerous bird surveys for a variety of agencies, and was a co-author of Birds of Pacific Rim National Park, published in 1978. He was also, for many years, a professional nature and wilderness photographer with several books under his belt, including the best-seller, Clayoquot; On the Wild Side and Reflections at Sandhill Creek; Meditations On the Wild West Coast. Since 2001, he has been leading bird trips and guided nature walks in the Tofino/Long Beach area.


You can contact Adrian with the following information:

By phone at 250-725-1243
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